About Chairs+Cups

Founded in 2014 in San Francisco, Chairs + Cups offers access to dinner, luncheon and dessert table settings of a caliber typically only found in Michelin starred restaurants.

Chairs + Cups is a connoisseur’s answer to dinner partyware rentals, or as we refer to our chic meal settings: Soiree Sets.

Our expertly curated Soiree Sets include artisanal glasses, plate ware, linen napkins, candles, and flatware - delivered in beautiful cedar wood crates.

Chairs + Cups Soiree Set packages can be enjoyed for up to two days. When the meal is through, customers simply place the settings back into our elegant crates and we pick them up.

Practically speaking, Chairs + Cups is the Uber Black Car of dinner, lunch and dessert party accoutrements.

The settings aren’t just artful; they have weight and gravitas. Chairs + Cups glasses have a firm center of gravity and won’t fall over - they’re made for toasts and cheers. The hand dyed Belgium linen feels luxurious to the touch. Our napkins cover the entire lap and never shed lint.

Chairs + Cups featured designers reflect the same philosophy in their simple, handmade goods. Over 80 percent of the products are US made by designers across the country - from Natalie Stopka's artfully textiles dyed in her little Shawangunk Mountains studio to Tina Frey’s hand sculpted tableware made in San Francisco.

We try to feature as many local artisans as possible, but of course our top priority is quality.

*No chairs can be ordered through the service at the moment. We are working hard to grow our collection of designer chairs and storage space!


About Angie Chang

Before founding Chairs + Cups, Angie Chang was Ralph Lauren’s Lead Designer for Table Top, and consulted for a myriad of design groups in New York. Tableware has been her life’s focus for over a decade. It began at the Rhode Island School of Design where she won the Dansk and RISD competition for Best Collaborative Effort for a Collection of Tableware, as well as the Industrial Design Faculty Award for outstanding, high quality work and professionalism.

“My mission is to help make the simplest parties look like a million bucks,” said Chairs + Cups founder Angie Chang. “I just want my customers to seamlessly enjoy a beautiful meal without any stress or headaches.”

Photo credits: Aubrie Pick Photography & Carolyn Fong Photography